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Learn how to improve and heal any condition related to the brain... and do it entirely from the comfort of your own home.

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"In my clinical experience I have found that helping patients improve their brain health does more to change and improve their lives than anything else. Join me and over the next 6 weeks I will show you how to quickly and dramatically boost your brain power; reduce stress, anxiety, and depression; improve memory; feel better than you have in a LONG time; and become the BEST version of yourself."

~ Dr. Derrick Schull ~

"The Brain Restoration Program" is a 6 week self-paced class that will help you heal your life on ALL levels.

This isn't just about managing your symptoms... or putting a band-aid on things (although I will discuss ways to see quick results and start functioning better in the first week's content).  Real brain restoration is about self-optimization... learning how exactly you as an individual need to live your life in order to become your best self.  Over the next 6 weeks, my lectures will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in your daily life.

I get it.  For most, things feel especially challenging right now. The future is uncertain.  The world around us sometimes feels like it's unraveling.  If you're at all like many of my clients, you are particularly concerned about staying healthy through the chaos our world has been thrown into.

Now more than ever, it's crucial to take exceptional care of yourself.  The truth is, many of us put our health on the back-burner.  We prioritize work, family, and the needs of others over our own well-being.  So I ask you, without your health, what do you really have?  How can you really be there for your family if you aren't functioning at your best?  How can you be productive and advance your career without being sharp, clear, and focused?  How do you really enjoy this beautiful life and time on this planet if you're feeling crummy all the time?

Over the past few years, I've had the good fortune of helping hundreds of patients overcome chronic health issues.  I've seen it all:  Autoimmune conditions, stress, anxiety, depression, weight-loss challenges, hormonal and digestive problems... you name it.  Of course, my passion has always been in working with disorders related to the brain.

What I do with my patients goes way beyond Western medicine.  I utilize a combination of nutritional therapy, guided stress reduction, lifestyle coaching, detoxification protocols, gut healing, herbal medicine, and more to change health from a foundational level.  Ultimately, I can help you heal where so many other approaches have come up short.

So where are you at?  Do you have the tools, knowledge, and support to not only survive, but to thrive in times of adversity?  Are you going to do what everyone else does... and watch your emotional and physical health deteriorate in crisis like the one we are experiencing now?  Are you looking to finally take charge of your own life and create yourself the way you want?

I am willing to bet you are here because you're ready to make some changes.  What I am offering is a treasure trove of guidance and wisdom to help you transform and become your best possible self.  I'm going to show you exactly how to:

  • regulate your immune system and decrease inflammation to protect your brain and improve brain function.
  • clear out unwanted anxiety, stress, and depression (without relying on meds)
  • improve sleep, the ultimate brain healer
  • heal your gut (your second brain) for overall health, including sharpening your brain function
  • boost your energy, mood, memory, and mental focus
  • optimize mind body coonection so you can enjoy lifelong health and wellness

I'm going to be a bit blunt here:  your health is a choice.  Join me for the Brain Restoration Program and let's spend the next 6 weeks together creating the BEST version of yourself possible.  Once you see how quickly you can "take the reigns" and see dramatic improvements in your life, you just might kick yourself for not starting much sooner! ;)

Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul

You'll get access to an amazing online library of personal development training.  This toolkit is exactly what you need to clear out stress, anxiety, and depression during this time.

Guided Meditation Practice

You'll get access to a series of guided meditations you can use in your daily life.  These are profoundly powerful techniques to keep you centered, aware, and focused.

Nutritional Guidance You Can Trust

Dr. Schull discusses exactly what kinds of foods to eat to boost your brain power, improve memory, get focused, and feel amazing!

Guided Exercise and Stretching Practice

Dr. Schull will show you how to set up a daily exercise and  stretching routine that requires little equipment from the comfort of your home.  Essential for a healthy brain!

Learn the Best Supplements

Knowing which brain supplements actually work and which companies to trust is more important than ever with the massive amount of products out there.

Get Customized Support

Dr. Schull will answer your personal questions regarding your healing journey via e-mail... at a fraction of the cost of working with him 1-on-1!

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The Program Structure

Each week there will be a different focus in the program.  By the end of 6 weeks, you will have all the tools you need for a lifetime of radiant well-being, vitality, tranquility, and unshakable happiness. 

Week 1

It all starts here.  This week is all about making some immediate changes to get you the best results fast.  You will leave this week with a whole new understanding of self-care.  You will be able to shift out of harmful habits and establish positive momentum right away.  Take the neurotransmitter quiz to quickly identify where your brain health needs the most support.

Week 2

Now it's time to eliminate stress and anxiety and improve your sleep!  Dr. Schull will show you how to use meditation, breathing exercises, and other techniques to induce a profound state of inner calmness and relaxation.  You'll also develop some powerful habits for improving digestion (an essential part of brain health).

Week 3

Dr. Schull will lay out a powerful nutritional plan that is doable, affordable, and enjoyable.  He will share all of his best secrets to use food as a powerful tool to heal your body and mind.  You will also get access to some recipes to make this super easy for you.

Week 4

This week is dedicated to brain toxins, learning how to avoid them and how to eliminate them in order to repair the brain and prevent degeneration into diseases like dementia.  Learn the secrets of naturopathic detoxification methods and the most effective detox tools available today.

Week 5

We are going to deepen your understanding of healing with advanced concepts in restoring brain health.  We will discuss jaw and dental health, spinal health, and the role of structural integrity on brain health.  Learn the best therapies to correct issues of alignment, blood flow, and cerebrospinal fluid flow.

Week 6

Now it's time to create a long-term game plan for lasting health and peace of mind. The program is only 6 weeks, but the results will last a lifetime!  Dr. Schull will help you create a lifestyle plan that you can easily use for as long as you live.  We will also go over other therapies and treatments worth pursuing.

"NOW is the time to put your health first."

~ Dr. Schull

About Dr. Derrick Schull

Dr. Schull is a naturopathic doctor with years of experience helping others to reclaim their brain and achieve a whole new level of health and well-being.

He offers a highly unique and proven approach to healing chronic health conditions without any unwanted side effects.  His approach treats the root cause of health concerns. 

He is a leading expert on brain health, digestive conditions, and mind/body medicine.

Dr. Schull utilizes a powerful combination of nutritional counseling, supplements, stress reduction techniques, and lifestyle coaching to create profound and lasting changes in his patients.

He is the creator of The Health Transformation Boot-camp, The Microbiome Reset Program, and The Metabolic Transformation program.  Each program is a 6-8 week intensive that focuses on improving different aspects of health.  If you’re looking to transform your health and life from the inside out, you're in the right place.

What kind of results to expect:


What happens after I sign up? 

You'll be automatically directed to the confirmation page with the password and link to the program content.

How long do I have access to all of the content? 

You have lifelong access so you can review all of the resources whenever you want.

Can I join this program from anywhere in the world?

Yes! As long as you have internet connection, you can sign up and get all of the benefits.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the program each week?

You'll want to set aside about 45-90 minutes per week to watch the videos, then another 60 minutes a day to implement the suggestions.

I don't know anything about exercise, meditation, or nutrition.  It sounds a bit scary.

Dr. Schull will make this FUN for you!  The program is designed for beginners as well as those more experienced with these approaches.

What happens if I get behind?

No worries!  You can always catch up on your own time.  The program is about getting the best results possible within 6 weeks, but even more than that, it's about creating lasting wellness for the rest of your life. This is your healing journey and you get to take it at your own pace.

I'm... just... not... sure.

I get it!  It can be scary to invest in new things.  But let me ask you, how much is your health worth?  How long have you already put off your own self-care?  How important is it to you to become a better, healthier, more confident version of yourself?  Enough said, right?

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